2014-03-14 10:27:04

3 pillars of Lecico

Watching ceramic products on exhibitions you have certainly saw stickers reminding you about the benefits of Lecico’s products quality.
With pleasure will familiarize you few details concerning the 3 pillars of quality.


The first pillar of Lecico’s ceramic products quality is the functional dimension . It is a set of features that are simply useful in daily use in the wash basins , bidets and WC.

Let’s begin with very fundamental feature that is the high quality glazing. The process was perfected over more than 45 years since the first factory of Lecico was established. High quality glazing translates to aesthetics and hygiene in everyday use .

Here it is important to emphasize other feature of Lecico ceramic products. They are easy to clean. The smooth, glossy surface quickly recovers radiant whiteness after simple easy sponge cleaning.

Good glazing and consequently easy to clean surface gives a result in a hygienic use.
Moreover use of the quality materials in Lecico ceramic gives you certainty that your wash basin, WC or bidet will remain white in long, long years.

Last but not least Lecico ceramics are characterized by high durability. Our factories use high quality materials in sufficient quantities. Lecico’s products are heavy because they are solidly filled. They will serve and bring you pleasure for years.




Lecico as a global company places strong attention to constantly improve customer satisfaction. Gaining client’s trust in Europe and the U.S. meant meeting high quality standards.

Lecico being the owner of one of the oldest French sanitary ceramics factories - Sarreguemine used the expertise of its engineers. Every product suppied in Europe meets the requirements of local markets,be that United Kingdom, France, Poland, Netherlands, Sweden or Germany.

Currently Lecico products are under the strict requirements of French, Dutch, German, Scandinavian, Spanish, Nigerian, Australian and United States quality certificates. Moreover Lecico factories meet international criteria for Quality Management (ISO9001), Environmental Management (ISO 14001) and the Management of Occupational Health and Safety (ISO18001).



Company that decides to give its customers 15 years of warranty must be sure of its products quality.

Lecico management took into account the development of ceramics firing technology, 45 years of experience in manufacturing and improved global logistic. Based on this information the strategic decision was taken to sell products with a 15 year warranty.

This is a product certainty that was worked out with great effort by Lecico experts, engineers and workers. This is the product certainty the we want to share with the customers!

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